Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Autumn and the Animals

Tuesday was the first full day of autumn. It was cooler than the day before because we had a "cool" front move in overnight. The air is drier and the humidity is gone.  Of all the seasons, fall is my favorite. 

Everyday around 4:00 o'clock it is time to feed the horses.  As I headed out back, I noticed the afternoon sunlight streams in from a new angle casting long shadows from the trees.  This sunlight is much more calmer than the harsh hot bright summer sunlight. 

The summer garden is all but gone.  A few okra and pepper plants are all that remain.  The weeds have taken over.  But not for long. The gardener has already bought his fall garden seeds.  He started his onion seed in trays on Sunday.  He will plow and row up the garden and have it planted by October 1.  We love the fall and winter vegetables and greens.  

Oh yes.  Back to business. The horses are waiting for their dinner. Buck and Rio are two fine old men. Just living the good life eating and pooping.  Not quite as spry as they once were.  They are just big family pets now.

Buck is shy and serious about dinner.  He is heading that way. 

Rio hangs back to have his picture made.

Rio is such a ham.  He posed for some close-ups.

What a handsome profile!

 Buck, well, he just likes to eat.

We have three cats.  This is Petey. He is such a big sweet boy.  He meows a lot. 

This is Tom. Short for Tom O'Malley from a Disney movie.

This is Dorothy Ann.  A tricolored female.  A calico cat. She is the sneaky one who tries to come inside every time I open the door.  She makes it in about half of the time.  It takes hours to find her and put her back out.   

Our two dogs: Little Brown Bear and Sandy Gail.  Brother and sister from the same litter.  Go figure?
They sleep all day.  We live in their house. When they are outside they are naughty and like to chase the bicycle riders so they have to stay inside the fenced yard.  They bark a lot at joggers and strangers. They are my best buddies and are always nearby.  Both have their special spot in my bed.  
They both are terrified of thunder storms.  

We are just one big happy family around here.

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