Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Happy Valentine's Sewing

Happy Valentine's Sewing.  Emphasis on the Happy! 

I have made a few pieces for Valentine's this month.  I saw this design in a magazine or catalogue, somewhere.  It has been flagged with a post-it note for a while.

It is made with some of my collected pink and brown prints.  I have quite a few of those and that plaid in the border is also a leftover piece.  The hearts are fused with Heat and Bond Lite and I used a zig zag to stitch around the edge.  I hand quilted with the last of my Presencia #8 pink perle thread.  Must get more as I love using that to hand quilt.

Next up is a piece for my Mom.  She likes little quilts to hang by her door at her apartment.  She hasn't seen this one yet...I will take it tomorrow and she is going to love it.  I used the technique of outlining with black thread as shown in the Sweet Tweets book by Erin Cox.  I did stitch around one heart a few times but ended up ripping it out. Somehow I like the single outline stitch the best.

This is completely my original design.  I cut hearts and leaves and used bits and pieces of leftover fabric.  Rummaged through the button jar and found the perfect buttons still on the card. All fused with Heat and Bond Lite.  

Echo quilting...First time to seriously echo quilt by hand stitches.  I have another unfinished project that I want to echo quilt....someday.

And I have been working on my Quilty Circles a la Valentine's theme.  I have a post coming up with more on this project soon.  It is so cute!
I know I have readers and lookers but ever only a handful of comments. Let me know you have been here.  

Thanks for stopping by today!   

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2016 Sewing Resolutions

January 2016 is almost over....and I will not be too sad to see it go.  It has been dull and boring and pretty much filled negative energy.  My word for the new year has been "unsettled".  I hope I can say I will have another word come February.  Recovering from surgery.  Nursing a cold and trying to stay well.  Some minor disappointments. Searching for a project to jump start the new year of creative sewing.  Lots of cleaning and clearing out the "Layers of Clutter".    

I normally don't make resolutions in the New Year.  I am not a stickler for rules.  I follow the rules but I don't like to make them.  But I have resolved to do a better job with my sewing projects from this day forward.

1.  I am going to buy less fabric.  But I want to buy quality fabrics.  I vow to spend less time in the Big Box fabric store.  I want more quality in my projects. (Since I wrote this back in late December, my LQS has decided to close their doors this Saturday.  I am so sad about this. It was a great shop.)   
2.  I am going to change my rotary cutter blade more than say three times per year.  Nothing is better than a sharp blade.
3.  I am determined to improve my quarter inch sewing stitch.
4.  I am determined to improve my pressing.  More starch. More steam. Better fabric.  I don't know, something is missing.  I am going to try putting heavy books on top of the blocks after I iron them. (Suggestion from Bonnie of Bonnie and Camille.)  I don't know.  Something has to work.  Maybe new ironing pad.  
5.  I sew for me this year. Etsy was a big disappointment for me this past year.  So was my first craft show. I felt I made a huge effort for Etsy , financial and in sewing,  and I somehow got lost in the crowd.  I don't do much with social media or basically self promote. It is the way I have always been but it is not the way to do business in today's marketing world . My small circle of friends Keep me going.  I thank them for continuing to ask me to sew their gifts: pouches, quilts, and bibs and burps.
6.  I am going to destash some of the fabric that no longer brings me JOY.  I listened to the audiobook and while I can't follow all of her ideas, JOY in my fabric stash is something I can relate to.
7.  I absolutely, absolutely must finish some old projects.  I made some headway on this in 2015 but I now must finish before I can start new projects.  I stopped counting at 20 uncompleted projects.
8. I am going to change my machine sewing needle.  I want to use the proper size rather than putting in the next needle in the random package at hand.
9. I hope to use up those expensive those cones of Aurifil thread and not fall for any more "oh it's the greatest.  Your stitching seams press so flat."  Mine don't.  My Juki thread cutter misses cutting the bobbin thread about half the time.  And when I am hand sewing, it knots if I don't' run it through some beeswax. Argh!
10.  I will not buy any (Ha!)/ fewer quilt books and magazines.  I am sorry but there is so much inspiration online that I need to hold back on that expense. 

The idea is more quality and less expense. I hope to hold myself accountable to these resolutions.