Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sew Good to Sew Again

Hello messy sewing room!  It's good to get back in my happy place among all the pins, scissors and piles of fabric.  Let's get you back in order and put away that Christmas fabric.

Hello my new IPad friend!  Hello Pandora! Thanks for keeping me company today.

Hello my Juki sewing buddy!  Let me oil your gears and dust your innards!

 Hello scrap box!  I hope we can go on a diet together and reduce some of that baggage!
 Hello pretty Retro Morocco Skinny Churn Dash blocks!  
 Hello pretty Valentine Charm Pack!  What can we make out of you?
 Hello cute fabric I bought last fall to make more pouches and bibs!
 Hello scrappy half square triangles!  Let's get back to work on that little quilt we started last October! 
 Hello pretty thread!  Let's get you organized this year so you aren't in such a jumble tossed in that drawer.

Today was my first day back in my sewing room this year!  I have been reading your blogs and seeing all the work being done on your quilts. So many of you have already finished a project or two.  I have been a little busy helping my special people get settled in new roles and new places. All good now.  But this girl has to sew. It's therapy for my creative soul.     

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

I see my last post was waaay back in late November. So let's catch up. A lot of happy things has happened for me and my family.  

For starters, our grandson was born.

He arrived a week earlier than we had planned. I had been on baby watch for several weeks and I was almost organized, but when the call came I dropped everything and headed out of town. I have stories about his mom and dad here  and his quilt story here.

I took along my sewing machine and a few good books.  I was away from home about three weeks. I enjoyed every minute!

Even though our Christmas was totally different this year, it was a great family time and a very wonderful Christmas holiday.  My son #2 and his family came before Christmas to meet the new baby and returned home in time to spend Christmas with their other family. Next my husband came on Christmas day to meet baby and spend a few days.  Then my son #1 and his family came after Christmas to meet the little one. They also stayed a few days and during that weekend we all went to the Holiday Show at Sea World in San Antonio. We had a big time! Such a fun holiday!

Little One dressed in his Christmas outfit for his First Christmas.

I surprised his mom with his stocking...I still need to add his name.  One of the family traditions is making all the grandchildren's stockings.  Each one is personalized and meaningful to each child.  This Little One has two dogs, a standard Poodle and a Great Dane.  Dad loves to ski.  I made a snowman with skis and poles in a sleigh being pulled by the two dogs.  I added antlers and red noses.     

I think he likes it!

Here are some other gifts I made for the grandkids...I put Kate's name on a big pink bath towel.  They live near the beach so she has her own personalized bath towel for now or a big beach towel for next summer .

I found this red tractor fleece at Hancock's.  I made three pairs of pajama pants for the three boys and I made Kate a dress.  I had just enough left over to make the Little One a tiny newborn cap. All of the grandboys are tractor crazy.  

At some of the quieter moments this holiday, I did make some of these Christmas Tree mug mats.  I followed this tutorial by Amy at Diary of a Quilter.  This is just another one of her great tutorials and the trees are so much fun to make with my collection of Christmas fabrics. I made about 20 mats of various sizes. They were perfect little gifts for some special friends. A perfect size to pop in an envelope to send off to my relatives.    

We have some work ahead in this new year.  It is time for our mom to move closer. She knows it's time but still her heart is at home. 

I feel deep down that this is going to be a great year! I have so many sewing projects to work on.  My Etsy shop is alive and doing well.  I am so thankful for all the blessings in 2014. I am energized to begin 2015. 

 Happy New Year to all of you!

Thanks for stopping by!