Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Scrappy Christmas Quilt

One of the things I enjoy about making a quilt is using lots of different fabrics within my quilts. Call it scrappy with organization.  No matter what pattern I choose, it usually has many different fabrics. Much of the time there are no repeats. I have a lot of fabric.  I need to use it.  I have been sewing with abandon and cutting into several collections that I have been saving for special projects.  My rule this year is to use it and no longer save it.  

I really like the tumbler pattern.  It is quick to cut and quick to sew.  I purchased this tool from Missouri Star Quilt Co.  It is designed to fit a five inch charm square.   As I was trimming down my scraps into squares this summer, I used this tool to trim some of the bigger scraps into a tumbler patch.  I had the random square jars, the Christmas tumbler stack, the cowboy tumbler stack and the kitty litter block stack all going at the same time.  

Last week I needed a "lite" project to fill in some extra hours that I had to sew.  I picked up the Christmas fabric tumbler stack and started sewing.  It is so nice to have a stack all cut and ready to go when you need a mindless sewing project. 

This is the finished quilt.  I just went random and cut all colors, styles and years of my Christmas fabric collection.  There are some 70s and 80s colors in there.  Some Debbie Mumm country Christmas and some Lynette Jenkins Thimbleberries.  Plaids, checks, stripes and dots that may not be Christmas, but added some color, texture and interest.  I did have one rule on this quilt, no metallic prints.  I have a stack of those but that will be another quilt. 

Those little pre-printed squares used on the border were from  this VIP Cranston Yuletide Ornaments panel I bought long long ago. 

The panel included these printed squares to be made into ornaments or little bags or whatever.  I cut out each one and sewed a log cabin style strip around each one.  I trimmed the squares to 6.75 and joined them to make a clever border.  I did not have quite enough so I just sewed some strips random scrappy style and made the whole thing fit.  

        Are you planning a new quilt for the Christmas season.  Now is the time to get started.  And maybe you will have it finished by Valentines.  That is usually how I roll.  Thanks for stopping by.  


  1. Amazing that you can put something together that quickly! So talented.

  2. I love it and think that plaid is so warm and cuddly it should be Christmas! Great to have pre cut scraps ready for mindless sewing - I need to work towards that! Thank you for linking up to Scraptastic Tuesday