Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Nursery - My Baby is Having her Baby

Allow me to build a story today that will eventually lead to my latest sewing project.  Be kind and let me pause to remember a really wonderful day.

We have three wonderful children.  Two sons and one daughter. This mom is so proud of these adults and their families. Today's post is about my baby girl who is all grown up, married and expecting her first child.

My daughter, her fiancee and I planned their wedding three years ago to take place on a hot Texas Saturday summer morning August 20 at 8:20 a.m. in this lovely setting called the Prayer Garden at our church. A small group of family and friends gathered to celebrate this special occasion.  A violin quartet sat in the arched walkway and played lovely wedding songs. 

Her dad and our first grandson drove her to the ceremony on the back of his John Deere MT tractor.

They planned a lovely ceremony.

You may ask why was the wedding so early in the morning?  1. It is hot in Texas in August. Morning is as cool as it gets. 2.  She wanted a small wedding outside in the Prayer Garden. 3. She likes the food: Breakfast Tacos and Kolaches! 4. She likes to put her own unique perspective when planning.  She doesn't always follow the rules!   

Their wedding day was filled with wonderful memories.  I always have a smile as I look back on that beautiful morning.  From a mom's perspective everything was perfect in the planning.  

 Fast forward a few busy years and my daughter and her husband are again preparing for another big event. Their first child, our fifth grandchild and our fourth grandson. 

We are preparing a nursery. She chose the colors navy and lime green.  

She chose a navy geometric print with a lime green and white circle print on the skirt.  The navy print works really well with the crib bars. I covered the mesh bumper pad edges with a DS Quilt Collection Bakersfield print in lime green and tiny navy circles. Solid navy ties. 

I made everything by measurements and without the crib to use as a guide.  So the bottom skirt is hidden.  That's okay.  I bought eleven yards of that green and white and it has to will show up in that room somewhere before the sewing is all over.   

Am I making a quilt?  You bet!  I will post about it soon.

Thank you for stopping by to share our little world of big events.   

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