Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Summer Sewing Catch Up - King Sized Masterpiece

Well, not a masterpiece, but definitely a really big quilt.  Not only did I want to destash scraps but I wanted to reduce some fabric collections.

I have this beige, red and green collection. It takes up a bottom shelf of valuable fabric storage. For years, I picked up yardage, not fat quarters. I am sure it was clearance fabric.  It is good quality quilt shop fabric.  I kept adding and adding reds and greens.  Beige with red and green.  Tiny floral, medium floral, large floral. Victorian and reproduction. The fabric colors and style are still popular with many quilters but it is no longer my interest. I must really learn to be true to myself and not follow the current fabric trends.  Oh well, easier said than done.
I began to search through my stacks of quilt magazines for inspiration.  I found this one.

Nine-Patch Delight.  I am sure I was drawn to this quilt because the colors and fabrics in this photo are nearly identical to the fabric collection I wanted to use. I like nine-patch.  No real brain power needed. Nine-patch on point.  Somewhat of a challenge.

Designers: Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith of Homestead If this quilt inspires you, their business is alive and well. They carry a great line of fabrics and you can make this quilt too.

From this issue.  Sew Scrappy, saying my name. Better Homes and Gardens American Patchwork & Quilting Issue 110 June 2011 

Fifteen inch blocks. Lots of them. Colors are almost the same, Right?  I had to use a bedroom floor to lay out all the blocks.  I did not have floor space to lay out a quilt of this size.   

It kept growing as I kept sewing.

And growing with sewing.

Nearly done.  Move furniture out of the way.  Quilt coming through.

Piecing is finished!  Hanging to photograph. Actually the colors are quite nice. The colors are not lively. They go together well and create a very relaxing bed quilt. I feel I captured the designers idea of what this quilt should be.

It is the first quilt I have ever made that will fit on my king sized bed and will drape down the sides.  I am excited about that.  Did I use up that shelf of fabric?  You might think so.  But NO.  It seemed to grow!

How will I quilt it?  I do not know.  Will it fit my 10 foot frame?  I do not know.  Do you want to buy it? I am open to sell the top and let you quilt it.  For now I have put it away so it can grow on me over time.  And when and if this fabric trend becomes hugely popular again, I don't have to buy into it.  I still have plenty left.

Have a great day!  Thank you for reading this episode of my summer of sewing!           

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  1. What a beautiful quilt top! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment about my barn quilt adventure! I hope to work on it a bit more this weekend. :0)