Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

It is Thanksgiving Eve here in Texas.  This past week, we have had really cold temps (for us) and lots of rain but the weather folks are predicting the big day will be cold with sunny skies, so I must clear off the dining room table and move our dinner inside this year.  Last year we ate outside on our deck and it was so nice. This year will be nice too, just another temperature.  I have the turkey thawing. And some special sweet potatoes that have come from the Sweet Potato Capitol of the World located in Vardaman, MS.  I have made three pans of cornbread that will make up into dressing, one regular and one vegetarian style. DILs will make the best mac and cheese ever and a delish Cranberry Pie. Pecan Pie is a must. I do like this meal. 

I have been sewing.  I  have had several custom orders on Etsy and some random sewing for a special baby.

This Tumbler pattern is loaded with cowboy themed fabrics.  It was purchased by a sweet mom to be who asked me to make a crib skirt and curtains to help decorate her nursery.  It turned out so cute and she is over the moon with excitement as she prepares for her baby    

This warm and cozy rag quilt found a new home. 
 Lots of custom orders for bibs and burps this month.  Each one is special and such fun for me to design.   

Don't you just love the names!
Dylan's mom and dad are avid bike riders. 
And I helped decorate a pink and aqua nursery for a really special grand baby.   She is our Princess who happens to be named Kate.  She had to have a British pillow with her name on it.  Just because!

Thanks for stopping by.  Everyone have a safe Thanksgiving holiday.  Give your family hugs and tell them you love them. Friends and families are the best.  We have so much for which to be thankful.  God bless.