Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Love Entwined Progress Update

I started this blog last summer to share my progress as I stitched Esther Aliu's captivating Love Entwined 1790's Marriage Coverlet. My plans always change as they evolve.  I like it that way!

Here is where I am today. Pardon my wrinkles. I am way behind but I have not stopped.  It is quite complex.  It is a considerable undertaking. It is a time consuming process. I am not the best at hand stitched applique.  I am learning so much as I work on this project.  It is causing me to dig deep in my stacks of fabric.  It is making me reach deep within to create.  I try to understand the mindset of the woman who made the original coverlet for her own life. I am learning new techniques and learning about the many products available to make applique easier.  I have discovered many new tutorials and talented bloggers who are simply marvelous and gifted. That is not me, but I still am happy with how it has progressed so far.  

Center Compass

The original photograph of the quilt is in black and white.  That give us all a blank canvas on which to design our individual quilt.  I chose to give seasonal color to each of the four floral vase bouquets.  My original plan was to make a black, beige, and various tones of browns color scheme. Those quilt colors were proving to be rather uninteresting and kind of boring in such a big project.  I decided I could introduce much more color play if I chose seasonal colors in each bouquet. I like how the many colors are still subdued but there is a variety and much more possibility with each new section.

Spring bouquet

 Fall Bouquet

 Winter Bouquet

  I love the striped zig zag borders. 

Pardon the wrinkles. The blue sketching is for the placement of the summer bouquet. I don't want to iron that area just in case the ink would decide to become permanent. I like it!  

Thank you Esther for making this pattern you drafted from the original coverlet available to the approximately 4,462 members worldwide at no charge to us. This is truly an amazing labor of love and a gift to everyone.  

For more information about Esther's Love Entwined journey, go here


  1. You are going to have a gorgeous quilt. I admire you, I have been collecting the pattern but am not doing it.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement. I hope you will try someday, even tho it is challenging, I have grown from the experience. Even if I never finish it is fun to be a part of the LE community! Kathleen

  2. I really like your colorway. And to name each bouquet for a season- that's inspired! Love it.

  3. Your quilt will be beautiful. You are doing an amazing job.

  4. I love your idea of seasons for each bouquet and thinking quite possisbly the creator of this coverlet may also have done this, the seasons of nature are the same as the seasons of life. Your LE is looking beautiful and will be a fabulous heirloom for generations. Jenny