Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Recent Finished Quilts

I wanted to post a couple of "finishes" completed over the holiday weekend.

The X and O quilt is finished.  I wrote about this quilt here as My Sad Quilt Story.  The story needs one more final chapter because it was even sadder when my dear daughter pointed out that the blocks are off on that bottom row.  How could that have happened? I recognized that this is the section I had to remake after I ripped out the bad stitching. That purple and aqua section was not turned to make the O.  Such a sad story.

Epilogue.  This quilt is so Cute!  It is scrappy.  It has lots of spring color.  It has a Charm and a Personality all its own.  What more can I say?  The End.

Plaid Cats is finished.  I have been collecting various plaids for years. I really like it. I do like the dark colors. Some of the cats are turned the "wrong" way but I think it really adds to the overall placement. I like the choppy plaid border.  I was able to use some larger remaining strips and that makes me happy to reduce some of the leftover stash.  This pattern goes together quickly.   The color possibilities are endless.  It is a fun quilt to make. 

Here is another version of Plaid Cats.... 

I made this lighter pastel plaid version earlier in the year and it quickly found it's new home with a dear cat loving Aunt in Florida.  

Thanks for stopping by!  May your day keep you in stitches! 

Credits...This particular cat pattern, Dream Chasers, is from a book called Quilts for Kids by Carolann Palmer. The book is from the 1990's and was published by That Patchwork Place. I searched for a link online but I wasn't able to find any specific link other than a random copy of the book that was sold and other conversation. 

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