Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rotary cutters

Here is my collection of rotary cutters!  Not as big as some quilters, I am sure, but certainly more than one really needs.  Or is it, hummm.  Here is my opinion of my rotary cutters.  

Olfa. This is the first rotary cutter I purchased. It has cut many, many yards of fabric. I have had it for many years. It is a great cutter for a beginner. Nothing fancy. No ergonomic handle. No bangs or whistles but just a good rotary cutter. I have retired it.  It is now reserved for paper cutting.  It is tired but does a nice job of cutting wedding and party invitations.  Looking at the photo, I may not have it assembled correctly.  It is still loved, it is just tired and has been replaced.

Fiskars.  This is also a great cutter for a beginner.  It is generally a good cutter overall. I purchased it when the Fiskars brand dominated the market with great scissors and rotary cutters. It replaced my Olfa.  It has a good handle design. The handle has been good for my hand and wrist.  I suffered from carpul tunnel for years.  (I have had the surgery and no more problems.)

Fons and Porter. I had to try this one.  It is designed by the great Fons and Porter after all.  I love them.  I don't use it too much.  Something about that retractable edge that is frustrating.  I have trouble using it when I need to cut those pesky bits that miss the blade.  It is not a favorite.  I'm sorry about that.

Martelli   I like these a lot. You see I have bought two of them and they are not that cheap.  The handle design is the best part.  It was a great thing for me when I was having CT issues.  The handle is wonderful for hours of binge cutting strips and squares.  They have good service because when one breaks, I take it back to the dealer at the Quilt Show and they replace the broken parts.  They seem to be flimsy with springs and coils and such. The plastic part at the blade screw has cracked on one of mine.  It is broken.  I think I have just worn it thin.  I have used it so much.  They are very comfortable in the hand.  I have purchased several of their innovative cutting tools and mat.  Martelli has a nice package of tools for quilters at their booth at the Houston Quilt Show. 

This is a newly designed Olfa.  I received this for Christmas.  I have issues with using my fingers trying to squeeze the handle to move the blade into cutting position.  It tends to tire my hand quickly.

Olfa Splash.  Wow!  That is what I said the first time I wrapped my hands around it.  Wow.  It has the right fatness in the hand.  It cuts really well.  It handles really well. It is a delight. The color is so pretty.  I believe Olfa got this one right this time.  I first heard about it here.   Amy at Diary of a Quilter really knows her stuff.    

That's it for my personal review of rotary cutters.  These are my opinions.  I purchased all of these cutters with my own money.   No one has asked for my opinion but I just wanted to give it.

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