Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kitty Litter

I have reached one of those periods in every creative person's life. I have lost my Mojo!

I sewed so much the first four months of this year when it was still wintry and cold.  I finished several custom orders for my Etsy shop.  They all seemed to come at same time and tapped deep into my creative brain.   Last week, I worked an 8-5 temporary office assignment for a colleague who needed and deserved to take some vacation.  I have committed to a few more of those jobs with the summer vacation season coming ahead.  I got out of my sewing routine and now I am having a difficult time getting back into the sewing frame of mind. 

Before this little break/slump/vacation, I started another custom order cutie pie Cat Quilt. Her aunt says she loves cats. She is a recent college graduate who has started her first major job as well as purchased her first home.  She deserves a quilt for all she has accomplished, don't you think!        

These cat quilts are so much fun to make. They go together quickly.  

I pulled out my box of scraps and cleared out a bunch of leftovers.  So many colors.  So much texture and movement.  So much fun!

The block makes up into a good size and soon it doesn't take long before you have a nice size bed quilt.

This one is not due until September.  I should have my mojo back by then.   Hopefully by next week.

Thanks for stopping by on WOW Day (Works in progress On Wednesday.)

I am linking up to Esther's WOW on her blog today.

Credits...This particular cat pattern, Dream Chasers, is from a book called Quilts for Kids by Carolann Palmer. The book is from the 1990's and was published by That Patchwork Place. I searched for a link online but I wasn't able to find any specific link other than a random copy of the book that was sold and other conversation. 

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  1. Hope you get your mojo back soon!
    I am tempted to show my daughter the cute cat quilt, but then I might end up promising to make her one! :)