Monday, October 27, 2014

Starting A New Quilt- -Churn Dash

Today I am starting a new quilt!

This fabric line is by Elizabeth Olwen called Retro Morocco.  

Aren't they cute, lovely?  Interesting. Playful. Captivating. Whimsical. I do think they are cute and also very lovely.  In a wild and free kind of way. They really call my name.

I am ashamed embarrassed EXCITED to say I have purchased so much fabric at JoAnn's in this one month of October. (Coupons, Coupons!)  It is not often you can walk into a big box store and expect to get several pieces from a designer's fabric collection. And they were all shelved next to each other.  All coordinating and colorful. A pretty red, a fun navy, a peachy peach, a cool ocean water aqua blue! I was immediately mesmerized by these fabrics. They are different. Something I wouldn't normally choose.  I believe they cast a spell on me. Seeing all those shapes and texture and movement on that shelf, I knew it was time for a new challenge.  Oh, the possibilities of a coordinating scrappy look.  A new quilt must be made.

There are two JoAnn's on my side of the big town metro area. Once I loaded up with half yard cuts at one store, I drove over to the other store that same day to see what, if any, selections of the Retro Morocco line they had different from the first store. Eureka! They had a few different patterns and some coordinates.  I just let myself roll with the creative flow!     

Some Julianne Horner also blended quite nicely. The cutting counter lady was as excited as I was. Or was I just thinking that she was.  She said I had a good eye for color.  I think I do too. Sometimes.  I told her I was seeing a churn dash block made from these fabrics.  No comment from cutting counter lady. But I could see it.  I have been having churn dash dreams lately. 

I've been researching and searching the internet for the Churn Dash pattern. I have decided to use this tutorial by HoosierToni called the Skinny Churn Dash.  I am also inspired by this Churn Dash variation by Little Miss Shabby called Churn to the Dash.  Read her cute story. Ah Kids!  What they come up with!

I like the scrappy feel with a multicolor background. The standard churn dash uses the same background.  I am thinking scrappy throughout.  I wrote down the measurements on my pad to take to my sewing room. No computer in there.

Block #1.  I think it is interesting to see what I picked for my first block.  I must have subconsciously chosen my two favorites fabrics. But I love them all equally???  

 Cuuuuute! Right? Yep.  The little red flower has fingers.

Block #2.  I like this combination just as much.

However, Block #1 and Block #2 do not match. The first block doesn't measure up to a 6.5 inch finished square.  I spent a little time trying to accurately piece Block #2,  It does measure 6.5 inches. Evidently the Churn Dash pattern requires some accurate cutting and piecing on those seams and HSTs (half square triangles).  Not usually my priority or skill set.

Little Miss Shabby must have had the same problem because she made a fix for that.  She made a large border around a "not quite big enough" block to finish out at 12.5 inches.  I will have to do that too!

Four of these cute little babies should make a 12.5 inch finished block.  

Block #3.  Isn't this a cutie?  Love the peachy orange with the grinning teethy flowers. HA!  It is supposed to finish out at 12.5 inches.  But it doesn't.  I can't worry about that today.  I know I am not accurate when piecing. What I am good at is making something fit!  

Oh, I am liking those colors and the floral whimsy! It is just what I had envisioned! 

I am really excited about this new project.  And Elizabeth Olwen, if you happen to see this, I love your work.  And I want you to know that I also bought all I could find of this fabric line too!  Fairytale Gardens.  Peach and Gray are one my favorite combinations. I can't wait to make a quilt out of them too! 

I will keep you guys posted with pictures of my Retro Morocco Quilt as it progresses.  Thanks for stopping by!

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P.S.  If you just need a little more and want to see the selvedges, here they are:

I love her studio name, Wild & Free.  Just so cute!  Thanks.


  1. Very cute fabric! And yes you do have an eye for color. And everything else creative.

  2. This is looking great so far, and I too have a little rule.. if it doesn't fit, make it!! Very playful writing! Linda

  3. Beautiful churn dash blocks. And I hope you do something fun with your selvages.