Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Double T Quilt

This is what is grabbing my attention at the moment. My current work in progress. 

I started this quilt way, way back when. About 19 years ago.  I had stayed at a friend's condo and there was a Double T quilt on the bed. I had to make one of my own. That quilt was made with shirting fabrics, but I wanted to make mine in the bubble gum pinks and browns.  All I know is that it has been waiting for me in a box under my sewing table. It was already pin basted and I had begun the hand quilting.  The batting is plain old 100% polyester and I still like how polyester batting makes a soft quilt. 

This is one of those unfinished projects I found this summer when I got serious about using my scraps and finishing quilt tops. 

Let me say I have really enjoyed hand quilting again. Great TV watching project.  I have a long arm machine and do all of my quilting by machine these days.  But this one deserves to be finished.  It also deserves to be hand quilted.

 I am not the best hand quilter.  But not bad either.  My stitches will never win a prize but winning a prize is not what I am about.  You know, it is the process that I love.  

I see a lot of straight line quilting on many blogs.  But I have not seen anyone show how they mark their straight lines. I use tape.  Masking tape has been my go-to marking tool for many years.  It works well for machine quilting as well.  Masking tape comes in many widths. In this photo I am using two strips of 1.5 inch blue painters tape. I quilt a straight line down the side of it.

I have my tray of essential tools.  The Texas weather is so nice today, I think I just want to sit outside and quilt a while.

It is going to be a nice quilt when I get it finished.  

 Thanks for stopping by.  I will be linking today's work in progress on Esther's blog and over at Freshly Pieced.

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  1. Fabulous, what a great quilt! I love that feeling of reaching the quilting stage :)