Monday, December 21, 2015

Sewing Interrupted

I just noticed the date of my last post was the day I wasn't feeling very good.  I told my mom that morning I was feeling a bit sick at my stomach.  By Friday I thought I must have food poisoning.  By Saturday I was at the ER. By Monday I was having surgery. Cholesectomy.  What's that you say?  I had to have my gall bladder removed because of a golf ball sized stone blocking my liver.  My liver was spewing bile in my body and man was I some kind of sick.  

Back to the sewing timeline.  Thursday, I finished the Christmas Cactus top. Friday, I had pulled out the completed Fair Isle blocks and I was making some good progress on putting those blocks together until about noon, and then all sewing ceased as you might imagine.   I am so much better now that two weeks have passed. I spent some time during recovery working toward finishing the Fair Isle Christmas quilt. I had started this quilt in November,2014. It was my first sew along of choice and it is a fun one.  The pattern is by Freshly Pieced found here and there is an Instagram #FairIsleQuilt.

I downsized the pattern just because two of those Reindeer were enough for me. I am making the middle.  It is the best part, like pie filling.  I am making the rest fit accordingly.  Quilts with white backgrounds are a cause for disaster in my household.  One muddy dog print and it will be all over.  This will definitely be a show quilt.  Also I haven't had much luck with that red Kona not bleeding when washed.  But I don't mean to go off on the negative.  It is a fantastic design.  The colors are fresh and cheery.  I do like this quilt.  

Yes these photos are not the greatest.  Yes, it is a wrinkly mess. Yes, the edges need trimming but I just wanted to show you that I have my FairIsle quilt top together and I am really happy to have another project top finished.

Merry Christmas to you all and Thank you for stopping by!

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