Sunday, April 5, 2015

Super Size That Quilt

I have my FINISHED enormous Nine Patch Delight quilt on my bed and I wanted to show you all how pretty it looks!  

I wasn't kidding about how big this quilt is.  I finished this one rather quickly.  It takes up a lot of space when it is folded up so on my bed is the place to "store" it.  Most people think a "quilt" has to fit a bed. When I offer to make a quilt for family member they say, "Make one to fit my bed."  I don't make many large quilts. I have my reasons. I don't want to take the time that it takes to make a big quilt. It takes tooooo long. A big quilt can take a least a year to work on with sewing and life mixed in.  It takes over my sewing room. I have to interrupt sewing on a big quilt to sew on my smaller custom orders. A big quilt won't completely fit on my mid arm quilt machine.  I lose interest in a big quilt.  I like to move on to the next quilt idea pretty quickly.  I have to really like the design to stick with it to the end.  It is expensive to gather fabric, batting and backing to make a big, big quilt.   So to see a BIG quilt that I made is a kind of a big deal for me.  

My bed is really my little dog's bed. Meet Little Brown Bear.  He is in my bed much more than I am. By now he has found a way to get beneath the covers and snuggle down for the day's nap.  He wakes up around noon and around 4:30 hoping for a good dinner snack. He gets really upset when I sew in the evening...he thinks I need to be with him on the couch during evening TV time.  Then it's back in "his" bed for the night 

At first I was not so enchanted with this quilt.  As I saw it come to life, I began to see her potential and re-discovered the era in which I purchased all those fabrics.  I dug deep into some old fabrics to make those colorful nine patches in the border.  I thought I had out grown those fabrics but I have come full circle to really enjoying their appeal and the quilt is really me after all.

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Source of inspiration:

I talked about this quilt here.
Nine Patch Delight
Designers: Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith of Homestead If this quilt inspires you, their business is alive and well. They carry a great line of fabrics and you can make this quilt too.
From this issue.  Sew Scrappy. Better Homes and Gardens American Patchwork & Quilting Issue 110 June 2011 

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