Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday Makings - Flannel Raggedy Edge Quilts

Last week I made a few raggedy edge flannel quilts.  I call mine raggedy edge flannel quilts because I am not so fond of the more widely popular name "rag quilts."  If you haven't made one, you should.  They are fun, fast, soft and warm. And best of all, once you've finished sewing, you are done!  I love flannel fabric. I live in my flannel shirts layered over other shirts in the winter months.  I am a fan of flannel pajamas and my kids use flannel sheets.  These quilts make a great baby quilt/gift too.  I made my edges about a 7/8 width seam allowance so the edges are extra fluffy. I stitch several lines through the center to keep everything from shifting.  I used this giant 10 inch tumbler tool.  The cute fabric prints are allowed to peek out in a big way among the fluffy edges. And sometimes, I like to frame the quilts with borders.  Every one I make is just a little different from the one I made before.  

This print is Fanfare by Rae Hoekstra.  Tiny foxes and elephants in gray, aqua and butterscotch.  Some of my favorite colors. 

Can you tell I like elephants?  I like animals of all kinds.
These are the cutest elephants paired up with some coordinating colors of flannel from my stash.

 I found this crab print flannel at my LQS (local quilt shop.)

Since I am a beach person and a cancer the crab zodiac sign, I like little crabs and had to have this little crab and the word "crabby" printed below it. I paired it with sand colored flannels with some dots that remind me of bubbles.  It is really cute. And the borders seem to add a little extra to the whole look. Don't be afraid to piece two different fabrics in the middle of the block.  It adds more fluffy edges to the mix. 
This is the back side.  All the fluffy edges are on the other side.
I could not pass on this tractor print.  It's pretty cute! It is one of my favorites.  If you have three tractor loving grandboys like I do, you cannot pass up tractor fabric.  The brown and gray prints have circles which look like wheels and I paired some primary colored flannels to match the colors of the tractors.  In this quilt, I put 100% cotton batting in between the two layers of flannel.  I stitched across twice to quilt each block. Usually the two layers of flannel are plenty but that extra layer does add some additional softness and extra warmth.  There is no back or front on this quilt because both sides have fluffy edges. I sewed every other edge seam to go either to the front or back on this one. 
And one last tractor raggedy edge flannel quilt.  This is made with 8.5 square blocks.  All ragged edges are on the front.  This one has not been washed yet.  

 Back side.  So cute in the primary colors.

 All rag quilts have to be washed a few times to fray the edges. Shake before you dry.  Before you load the wash into the dryer, take your freshly washed load outside and give everything a good shake.  You cannot imagine how many little thread clippings will shake out.  Put your load in the dryer and stay close to your dryer while they are tumbling dry. I have to empty the lint catcher many times to collect the lint.  And there will be a lot the first time you wash but after another washing or two there will be an end to all of that.

I do plan to list these in my Esty store just in case you just need to have one.  Thanks for stopping by.   

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  1. I LOVE raggy quilts and yours are so sweet and snuggly looking. Your fabric combinations are so delightful that I can see these being cuddled and caressed by the lucky recipients (the sweet foxes even have me wanting to trace their outlines with my finger ;o).