Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fair Isle Quilt Reindeer

This is really a fun pattern and is proving to be a fun one to make. However, these reindeer are pretty labor intensive.  The designer wanted a pixelated look and I really got mixed up on the lines and there was a whole lotta ripping out stitches yesterday.  I plan to make a smaller version of this quilt but I may end up having to make two more reindeer to make it symmetrical.

 This is the color scheme of my Fair Isle Quilt.  There are some really fantastic color combinations being created if you would want to check out #FairIsleQuilt on Instagram.  
 Pardon my shelving next to my design "wall".  It is a large piece of flannel I am using to pin my blocks on. 
I really really like it.  I am linking my reindeer with the others and looking forward to the next step to be featured tomorrow on FreshlyPieced's blog. 

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day! 


  1. They look great!! : ) I love that you did the non-pieced strips in the reindeer ... I really went back and forth about whether to do the pattern that way, and only decided not to because from a pattern-writing perspective, it just would have been too complicated. (Not to mention, it would have made the cutting list that much more complex.)

    1. Lee, Thanks! I have great admiration for your ability to draft this reindeer pattern. I have to admit it was kind of nuts putting those lines together. But persistence paid off and they turned out so cute. All of the different Fair Isle color combinations are so cool! It must be so exciting to see what we all are doing with your pattern. Thanks for drafting a good one.

  2. In spite of the rippits, I love the reindeer. Nice pattern.