Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Thing of Beauty!

Let's step out of the sewing room, shall we?  Let's go outside and take a look at some flowers that are blooming in my yard despite the hot, dry summer days we are having here in southeast Texas . It is so bright and sunny outside at noon that the colors in these photos are washed out.

Look at this one.  Passiflora . I have always called it Passion Flower. This is a wild flower, a vine, that you don't often see around my area. I am lucky to have it. It is a most exquisite flower. Look at those petals! Look at the crown! I have read that it symbolizes the Crown of Thorns which Christ wore on the Cross. This flower says it all.  Amen. The most beautiful quilt could not be compared to the glory of this flower.

  Kaffe Fasset fabrics come close, though.

This little delicate flower I call the Purple Hyacinth.  It is also a vine.  After it flowers, it forms these lovely purple seed pods.  The seeds themselves are beautiful. 

Ahhh, I just love my little garden alcove.  One of my happy places.  And now, let's get back to sewing.  I am making pouches and this is my sewing room in pouchmania...

Enjoy your day everyone!  Thanks for stopping by!

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