Monday, August 12, 2013

My Triple Zip Pouches!

I have several projects going besides making the Love Entwined applique.  Over the weekend I made a few more triple zip pouches! Have you seen them?  They are soooo cute!  I have made about 30 of them. They make a great little gift when you add some goodies behind those bright little zippers.

My mom recently celebrated her 90th birthday and I gave zip pouches as party favors to all the "girls" who attended her party.  On Mother's Day, the mothers of my grandboys and granddogs were given a pouch filled with yummy lotions, beauty products and a gift card for a cuppa coffee. They are perfect for a quick thank you gift. Some very dedicated teachers received them as a gift at the end of spring classes.   Some will soon be gifted in the state of New York and some will celebrate some special birthdays.

Here is where I learned how to make these cute little bags.  Debbie, from A Quilter's Table,  created this very detailed tutorial for the Triple Zip Pouch.  It is very easy to follow and I really respond to a project that lines up every piece in an order, Step 1, Step 2, and so on. 

My outward appearance may seem scattered, but my inward brain likes Step 1, Step 2, etc.   Everything moves along smoothly until the end where Debbie just has to stop taking photographs because everything is crowded and a little fumbly with three zippers and three pockets. 

    What? Do not despair! Just a little pause for a mental review! 

A very kind person, Marci Girl, at MarciGirl Designs, has created An Alternate Ending Tutorial to Debbie's Triple Zip Pouch tutorial. She picked up the original photo tutorial and, with this little addition,  carried me all the way through turning wrong sides out and it all made perfect sense and I haven't stopped making Triple Zip Pouches! 


They are so much fun to make!  I use different combinations and colors from my stash of novelty prints and fun zippers.  I even added my handmade ribbon label.  I did have to pick up a few bags of zippers from ZipIt .It got pretty expensive buying single zippers at the local craft store.  And, as we all know, I cannot pass up a 1/2 half yard cut of a cute novelty print. 

Hope you will give it a try!  Or, hope you get one as a gift from one of your stitching friends!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow! 30 huh? So glad you are enjoying the triple-zip!!

  2. Can't wait for my order to be ready. These are all so cute!

  3. Hi Kathleen!It's so nice to meet you!Thank you so much for the kind comment you left on my blog!It made my day!I didn't know there are people who read my blog apart from the standard few ones!
    I like yours, too and it seems we have one thing in common: crafting/ sewing. I really love the pouches you made. I made a few this summer as presents and to sell in an exhibition.
    Happy birthday to your mum and I hope you will be able to make party favours on her 100th as well!